comparative economic systems

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Discover cutting-edge developments in electric power systems Stemming from cutting-edge research and education activities in the field of electric power systems, this book brings together the knowledge of a panel of experts in economics, the social sciences, and electric power systems. In ten concise and comprehensible chapters, the book provides unprecedented coverage of the operation, control, planning, and design of electric power systems. It also discusses: A framework for interdisciplinary research and education Modeling electricity markets Alternative economic criteria and proactive planning for transmission investment in deregulated power systems Payment cost minimization with demand bids and partial capacity cost compensations for day-ahead electricity auctions Dynamic oligopolistic competition in an electric power network and impacts of infrastructure disruptions Reliability in monopolies and duopolies Building an efficient, reliable, and sustainable power system Risk-based power system planning integrating social and economic direct and indirect costs Models for transmission expansion planning based on reconfiguration capacitor switching Next-generation optimization for electric power systems Most chapters end with a bibliography, closing remarks, conclusions, or future work. Economic Market Design and Planning for Electric Power Systems is an indispensable reference for policy-makers, executives and engineers of electric utilities, university faculty members, and graduate students and researchers in control theory, electric power systems, economics, and the social sciences.


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