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The relationship between cars and cities is changing. The auto-centric development predominant in America's 20th century is being replaced by efforts to make cities more sustainable, enjoyable, and accessible by their citizens. While entirely giving up the car today is socially, politically, economically, and physically impossible, new ways of dealing with it are becoming viable. This book explores architecture's response to this emerging reality and proposes that it is time for the car and the city to foster a productive relationship. By implementing the concepts outlined in this work, design professionals can significantly improve the quality of our urban experience. Spaces for cars could also become spaces for people, activities, and entertainment. They could be vibrant and truly integrated into the fabric of the city, without contributing to pollution, congestion, or personal injury. Through the design of a networked mobility hub for Long Island City in Queens, New York, this book will re-imagine the relationship between cars and architecture, creating a new paradigm for dealing with the automobile in the city.


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